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Are you ready to escape?

Attempt to escape Lockdown-Inverness in only 60 minutes, finding clues and solving puzzles, with teams of 2-6 people.

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How do you play?

Escape before it's too late

1. Get Locked Up

We are happy to lock up anyone - friends,family, stags/hens, co-workers, students, tourists. The challenge is on...... Can you escape within 1 hour? Who Wins? YOU or US!

2. Search for clues

Look under, look over, look out, look in... LOOK EVERYWHERE. Remember, there are real clues, red herrings, twist & turns, and plenty of locks.

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3. Solve the puzzles

Hint: You only need one power & 2 weapons. The power of teamwork (choose your team wisely) and the deadliest weapons of all, your brain & common sense!

4. Attempt escape

With the clock ticking relentlessly away, your emotions will kick in from feeling frantic & despondent to thrilled & captivated. Just get that final vital key, within the hour, or your Doomed!

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All students get 10% off our games

Book Monday to Friday, Off Peak and enter discount code STU-10 to claim your discount. Please bring a valid photographic student ID.
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Should you attempt an escape? Oh yes!

Love puzzles? Looking to build better teams for your business? Fancy doing something different? Lockdown Inverness Live Escape is perfect for...

Gamers & Students

Champion of virtual world escape games??? It's time to take gaming to the next level: REAL LIFE ESCAPE. Fancy cracking codes, solve ciphers and decode clues all in under 60 minutes. If escaping isn't enough... Go for the record! Are you ready?

Friends & Family

One of the best ways to make a memory is by doing something out of the box! Make memories together with this truly unique, full of laughter experience with people you care about the most. Get your brain and pulse racing, test your wits, skills and teamwork as you try to escape in under 60 minutes. For a successful escape you will only need one power and two weapons – The power of teamwork and the deadliest weapons of them all, your brain & common sense.

Corporate Entertainment

Looking for something completely unique? Our games encourage players to share ideas, communicate effectively, and work as an efficient team to come up with creative solutions to unmask the mystery to escape the room before it's too late. After playing one of our games your team will never work together the same way again. Each room can accommodate up to 6 players each. If you have a group of 12 people, why not make it a competition and go for a duel in two groups by booking two rooms.

Tourists & Travellers

Visiting Inverness? Looking for a fun hour in our city? You've just found it! No. 1 in the Highlands & Island is LockDown, a new entertainment concept located right in the hub of the city centre. Each Escape Room is a real life adventure game designed for small groups.

Special Occasions

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, Hen/Stag Dos and Leaving Events. Forget the usual party type themes, get a huge 'pat on the back' for arranging a guaranteed fun time at LockDown-Inverness... You will all be talking about it for hours after! Let us know about your special occasion at least one week in advance and we can arrange a surprise.

Gift Vouchers

Ever wanted to lock up someone? Now’s your chance... You can buy a gift voucher. We will send you the voucher via email, so you can forward the mail or print out the voucher. Alternatively, we can post out a 'hard copy' if you prefer - just ask.

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Do it.... It’s Awesome!

We could have played this for hours as it was SO much fun. Still talking about it five days on! I’m hooked and yes we managed to escape in 56.03 mins (phew)

Gordon Mac

Absolutely Brilliant!

Four of us were “guinea pig” testers. I haven’t laughed and had so much fun for ages. Fantastic idea – well done. Can’t wait to do the other room.

Iona MacKenzie

Wow what a unique experience

This is exactly what Inverness needs something totally different. Can’t give anything away except it may be an ordinary room, but it’s full of surprises and plenty of lateral thinking needed.

Steve Newlands

Best entertainment yet

This reminded us of the t.v. programme, Crystal Maze. You definitely need to think out the box & work as a team. The owner was lovely and a great help giving us some clues along the way. If you’re looking for an adrenaline, out of the ordinary experience, this is it. A big thank you to the team.

Carrie Causby

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