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    We could have played this for hours as it was SO much fun. Still talking about it five days on! I’m hooked and yes we managed to escape in 56.03 mins (phew)

    Gordon Mac
  • Customer Testimonails

    Four of us were “guinea pig” testers. I haven’t laughed and had so much fun for ages. Fantastic idea – well done. Can’t wait to do the other room.

    Iona MacKenzie
  • Customer Testimonails

    This is exactly what Inverness needs something totally different. Can’t give anything away except it may be an ordinary room, but it’s full of surprises and plenty of lateral thinking needed.

    Steve Newlands
  • Customer Testimonails

    This reminded us of the t.v. programme, Crystal Maze. You definitely need to think out the box & work as a team. The owner was lovely and a great help giving us some clues along the way. If you’re looking for an adrenaline, out of the ordinary experience, this is it. A big thank you to the team.

    Carrie Causby

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